An Immersive experience

Imagine you are confronted by an enemy on the battle field, bullets scream past you, tank shells explode beside you;video game fans have always fantasized about being on the battlefield, not just wearing and listening with headphones but actually feeling whats happening. Imagine if this was possible? Technology nowadays is becoming seamlessly closer to this inevitable experience. 

Virtual reality is one gaming immersion that has has been steadily growing and becoming more popular within the gaming community. As more and more games are being adopted to VR platforms and developers are becoming more open to these platforms, companies are continuously striving to fufill those missing ingredients that VR lacks. For example; the sensation of touch, taste or smell. 
A girl playing Playstation VR

A dream come true

KRATOS by Colinse, Just made video game fans a step closer to achieving those missing goals and creating a wanted dream a reality! With a number of unique global patented innovative technologies, Colinse has developed a 4D multimedia tactile vibration chair that can be connected wirelessly to any PC, console or mobile device that has Bluetooth. The gaming chair instantly converts SFX effects to tactile vibration waves you can feel through your body. The contact of the seat's internal conduction system conveys the tactile waves of various modes to the whole body, achieving a perfect experience of interactive immersion.

Focus in

Sitting on the KRATOS 4D throne, your body can clearly sense the footsteps of enemies sneaking from behind you, the roar of enemies passing through the lower levels of building echoes throughout the body, the pain of the shot and the thrill of launching the missile; from then on, you integrate with the plot of the game!
The KRATOS 4D throne, takes you into a new field of immersive 4D entertainment.
"Games, movies and music should not just be a hearing and visual experience."
-Albert Lin
"Don’t just game, dive in and live the experience."
- Carlos Luis Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez