Immersive Haptic Gaming Chair Kratos Pro 4D Throne in a Studio Setting
Immerse yourself in your music

Kratos Pro 4D Throne V2: Perfect for Music Lovers

Transform the way you experience music with the Kratos Pro 4D Throne V2. Designed for audiophiles and music producers alike, this chair features advanced haptic feedback technology that lets you feel every beat and rhythm. Customize your chair for ultimate comfort and style, and immerse yourself in a new dimension of sound.

Innovative Features for an Unmatched Musical Experience

Haptic Feedback Technology

Feel the music with our state-of-the-art 100W Tactile/Haptic Transducers embedded in the backrest and seat base. Experience your favorite songs in a whole new way as the chair's haptic feedback syncs perfectly with the audio, making every beat and note come to life.

Ergonomic Design

Whether you're producing music or simply enjoying a playlist, comfort is key. The Kratos Pro 4D Throne V2 offers ergonomic support with adjustable lumbar support, headrest, and armrests, ensuring you can listen for hours without discomfort.

Customizable Options

Make the Kratos Pro 4D Throne V2 truly yours by customizing the primary and trim colors. Match your music studio or living room decor and create a look that reflects your personal style.

Why Music Lovers Choose Kratos Pro 4D Throne V2

Immersive Audio Experience

The haptic feedback technology enhances your music experience by adding a tactile dimension. Feel every bass drop and high note as if you're in a live concert.

Superior Comfort

Spend long hours in comfort with the chair’s ergonomic features, designed to reduce strain and fatigue. Perfect for music production sessions or relaxing to your favorite tracks.


Stand out with a chair that reflects your style. With various customization options, the Kratos Pro 4D Throne V2 can be tailored to fit your aesthetic preferences.

What Music Lovers Are Saying

“The haptic feedback on the Kratos Pro 4D Throne adds a whole new layer to my music experience. It's like feeling the music!” – Sam, Music Producer

“I can listen for hours without any discomfort. The ergonomic design is fantastic.” – Alex, Audiophile

“Customizing my chair to match my studio was a great touch. It looks and feels amazing.” – Jamie, Music Enthusiast

Ready to Elevate Your Music Experience?

Don’t settle for an ordinary chair. Experience the ultimate in music immersion and comfort with the Kratos Pro 4D Throne V2. Customize your chair today and feel the difference.